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Below you'll find a few details that I'd like to go over with you before you reserve a shoot date.

If you're looking for pricing and general information,
check out my info page.

  • Because I only work with one client per day, I need to know that you're going to show up on the day that you've scheduled. I require a non-refundable deposit of $200 to hold your shoot day. You can reschedule once if you let me know three days in advance.
  • Please only book through my website if you are 18 or older. Otherwise, please have your parent and/or guardian email me before booking through my website.
  • I specialize in actor headshots. If you're looking for a different type of photo shoot (corporate, lifestyle, etc.), please email me before booking through my website.
  • Outdoor shooting is offered on a weather-permitting basis. If you want to shoot outdoors, please do not book more than five days in advance. Forecasts more than five days in advance are not reliable. The indoor photos in my portfolio have solid backgrounds (white, grey, blue, pink) and everything else was shot outdoors.
  • A friend, parent, agent, etc., can drop you off at your shoot, but for the sake of your own comfort, they can not stay for the shoot. There are lots of places for them to hang out in my neighborhood (a Starbucks, Whole Foods, and the Museum of Natural History is nearby) We can call/text them when we're done.
  • I have a dog, so if you have allergies, please let me know in advance of your shoot date so that I can board him for the afternoon.
  • Please do not book appointments on behalf of other people.

  • If your shoot is on: You can reschedule by the previous:
    Monday Wednesday by 1pm
    Tuesday Thursday by 1pm
    Wednesday Friday by 1pm
    Thursday Monday by 1pm
    Friday Tuesday by 1pm
    Saturday Wednesday by 1pm
  • I only schedule one client per day, so cancellations and reschedules are a really big deal, especially when there's not enough time to find a replacement (anything less than a week). Please only book a date if you're 100% certain you can keep it.

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