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A headshot is one of the most important tools you have as a professional actor. Too many talented actors miss the critical opportunities that they deserve because of a poor headshot. A headshot is your calling card and what agents and casting directors see first. During the five years I spent working at a New York talent agency, one thing was clear: A strong headshot will help you get your foot in the door.

"Chris is calm, caring, and creative. I consider those 3 C's to count for a whole lot in a headshot photographer!"
- Jenn Gambatese (Wicked, Rock of Ages, Tarzan, All Shook Up, Hairspray)

I started off as an actor and still remember my first headshot shoot. Around a dozen nervous actors were getting corralled around a cavernous studio. When I finally sat down with the photographer, she put up her camera, I smiled, then she grimaced and barked, "Don't ever smile unless you mean it!" My eyes got big, my smile turned down, and it didn't come back the rest of the day. I've always approached my shoots with a simple philosophy: Be the photographer you needed when you were younger.

When you arrive, we'll put on your favorite music and chat about what you want to achieve with your new headshots. We will go through my portfolio and discuss what looks, environments, and lighting you like the best. Not sure what would work best? That's okay. I'm happy to guide you through the entire process.

Before your shoot, I'll ask that you think about what shows you think you'd be appropriate for. Once we hone in on what your strengths are, we can find clothes and locations that compliment your type. One of my recent clients came in and said he was targeting shows like Mr. Robot. That made me imagine dark environments and a feeling of being on the run. We ended up shooting underground in the subway and created an image that could easily be a production still from the series. That type of shot isn't right for everyone, but that shows how a simple suggestion can lead to compelling a photograph.

On this shoot, we picked a moody outdoor location for a dramatic shot and then moved into the studio for a bright commercial shot.

The way I shoot does not limit you with the "one look fits all" mentality that you see in many portfolios. When looking through my headshots, you'll notice a wide variety of styles. You're unique as an actor, and your headshot should reflect that. Actors should never be boxed into a single trademark style of a photographer. Because all of my sessions include two hours of shooting, we're able to shoot on location and indoors to achieve a variety of different looks.

Before your shoot, send me a playlist of your favorite music or bring your iPhone/iPod (no judgments, I promise). Actors usually hate photo shoots, so I try to make this as fun and casual as possible. I'm here to support, not intimidate.

When we're shooting, my goal is to make you as unaware of my camera as possible. I want our environment to feel like you're hanging out with a friend and having fun. As we shoot, I'll share previews of the images and we can make any adjustments you want.

Many clients have lovingly told me, "You're such a dork", as they laugh at my bad jokes. One time, I was shooting a client in Central Park at the baseball fields. I said, "See the lengths I go to for a good headshot? I risk being hit by a baseball for your headshot." Less than a minute later, I got hit in the back of the head by a stray foul ball. Yes, I survived, and the photos were some of the best in my portfolio. True story.

"The atmosphere was very relaxed, very friendly. Chris made you feel like you had known him for years. Everyone seems to agree that my photo is a good reflection of not only what I look like, but who I am." -Dolan Byrnes from the Backstage article "Picture Yourself Working: Getting the Headshot That's Right for You"

After a shoot, everyone leaves excited to start narrowing down their top choices. Many photographers take days or weeks to get your images back to you. With me, you see them on the night of your shoot. I'll even pick out my favorite headshots to help you narrow them down.

I've built an image sharing system from the ground up to help you share and choose your photos. You can invite your friends/family/colleagues into the gallery and they'll be able to vote and comment on their favorite headshots.

All shoots also include two images that I personally retouch. Whenever I show my retouching samples, everyone always comments, "That's amazing, can you retouch me like that in real life?" All of my retouching work is very natural, keeping in mind that you should look like yourself. The moment I am done retouching your images, you'll be able to download them from my website and start submitting them for auditions.

It's so rewarding to see a photograph I've taken in a Playbill or in an article featuring one of my clients. Truly, your success is my success.

I look forward to the opportunity of telling your story!

Writing and mailing a thank you card means a lot. My clients are so awesome that I still find these pleasant little surprises in my mailbox. Check 'em out.

What each shoot includes
  • Two hours of shooting
    Choice of indoor shooting and/or outdoor shooting, weather permitting. We average around four or five looks in that time.
  • Two retouched images
    High-res images to print anywhere you like. After I've retouched your images, they'll be uploaded to your online gallery for easy downloading and sharing.
  • An online gallery, ready the same day
    On the night of your shoot, you will get password protected access to all of your high-resolution images. Social network features are built-in to make sharing and choosing easy.
  • Photographer selected favorites
    I want to make choosing the best images from your shoot easy. I'll go through all of our images and mark my favorites.
  • Online backup of all of your headshots for two years
    Your online gallery will remain online for at least two years, making downloading and backing up of your images simple. You can save individual images or download an entire shoot as a zip file.

    See my FAQ for details.

Pricing information
For a limited time, shoots are discounted by $100.

$595 for a limited time.
Additional available discounts:
$100 off for full-time students (six month graduation grace period).
$100 off if you book with a friend (two people book separate shoot days).
$150 off if you're a student *and* you book with a friend (separate shoots).
$200 off for returning clients (not combinable with other discounts).

Hair and makeup artist add-on's
Prices are in addition to the shoot fee.
Women: $195
I know everyone looks natural in my portfolio, but there is a lot of activity going on behind-the-scenes to make the images look so good (maintaining hair, fixing makeup, etc.). Because of this, the hair and makeup artist is required and will stay with us for the entire shoot to ensure the best results.
Men: $95 or $145    [these options are for men only]
For men, if you'd like to have a makeup artist, it's either $95 for the beginning of the shoot, or, for those wanting to shave halfway through a shoot, it's $145 for them to be here for half of the shoot.

Scheduling a shoot
My calendar is available online to make scheduling a shoot easy. Enter your information below to continue. Just have a question? You can check out my FAQ page or contact me.
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