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Headshots NYC: An Introduction

When I was a kid, my acting teacher hired a headshot photographer for my class. Around a dozen of us were crammed into a big studio and were given, at most, five minutes with her. She put up her camera, I smiled, then she stopped and lectured me on how my smile wasn't any good. Weeks later, I got back a bunch of shots that didn't come out very great. I assumed an escape from Ohio to NYC would improve the headshot situation, but quickly learned that my friends weren't fairing any better. My classmates noticed my camera, asked for help, and twenty years later I'm still spending my days de-stressing the headshot process.
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Getting The Shots: The Process
Having a stress free headshot shoot is essential, but so is getting a shot that helps move your career forward. For six years I worked at a NYC talent agency that represented dozens of actors on Broadway, and in major film & television productions. I learned quickly that a good headshot will help an actor get into the audition rooms that matter. Despite conventional wisdom in the age of Instagram, a good headshot isn't just a pretty picture -- it's a shot that represents the roles you can book.
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Theater Geek, Turned Agent's Assistant, Turned Photographer
My career in photography is the result of my life-long love of the arts. I grew up surrounded by the arts at Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts. There I spent seven years immersed in all aspects of music, acting, and visual arts. As a gift for my 15th birthday, my dad bought me a camera. These two things merged together after I moved to NYC for college and my friends asked for help with their headshots.
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It means a lot to me when a client takes the time to send a thank you card. You'll find them hanging on my wall. At the end of the day, I want my clients to have a great experience. :o)